The Pacific Northwest’s Premier Ship Repair Facility

Everett Ship Repair, LLC (ESR) is a subsidiary of Ice Cap Holding, LCC and sister company to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders. ESR was established in October 2019; expanding Ice Cap’s shipbuilding portfolio. Together the sister-company offers a complete shipbuilding experience; with Nichols Brothers Boat Builders extensive new-build experience; and, now ESR’s vast ship repair capabilities.

Vast Ship Repair Capabilities

ESR is located at 2730 Federal Avenue in Everett, Washington which is a prime shipbuilding location within Puget Sound. The facility offers 500’ of dockside moorage for pier-side vessel service; as well as laydown and fabrication areas. Additionally, ESR operates one of four largest drydocks in the Pacific Northwest, the Faithful Servant, capable of docking vessels up to 430’ x 110’ with a lifting capacity of 7800 LT.

The Faithful Servant is one of four largest drydocks in the Pacific Northwest

Serving Commercial, Government, and Military Customers

Sister Company to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders