Nichols Brothers and Everett Ship Repair Accommodate a Flow of Passenger Vessels.

Nichols Brothers and Everett Ship Repair Accommodate a Flow of Passenger Vessels.

Ice Cap Holding LLC and its subsidiaries – Shared Ice Services, LLC; Ice Floe, LLC dba Nichols Brothers Boat Builders and Everett Ship Repair, LLC are supporting the passenger vessel industry facing various market challenges.

Currently, the passenger vessel industry is facing strict emissions requirements, market fluctuations post pandemic and now shipyard unavailability. Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB) and Everett Ship Repair (ESR) are working to maximize their shipyard capacities and skilled work force to support vessel operators in need of shipyard space at a moment’s notice. As emission requirement deadlines approach, and as the country rebounds from the pandemic, NBBB and ESR provide the needed experience and support. We offer the best solutions for vessel drydock or shipyard repair with your schedule and budget in mind. Contact us today to discuss your project needs, requirements, and schedule.

Everett Ship Repair operates two drydocks serving operators on the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. The Faithful Servant is one of the four largest drydocks in the Pacific Northwest and can accommodate vessels up to 436′ x 110′ with a lifting capacity of 8,000+ ST. The Emerald Lifter, ESR’s newest addition to their expansion project, accommodates vessels up to 220′ x 62′, with a lifting capacity of 2,000+ ST. In addition to drydock space, ESR offers in-water service with 500′ of moorage space pier-side, barge-side, or alongside six (6) dolphins.

No job is too complex for ESR. ESR’s goal is to dock vessels for quick turnaround and get your vessel back in the water. Recently, Lindblad Expeditions placed the NBBB built M/V National Geographic Venture cruise ship in ESR’s Faithful Servant drydock for regulatory inspections and standard drydocking. ESR was able to complete the scope of work and have Lindblad back in the water four days ahead of schedule.

At the same time, ESR was preparing the M/V Cathlamet for a more complex emergency repair job for Washington State Ferries. ESR served as prime contractor and subcontracted module construction to NBBB, before installing the new pickle fork modules at ESR. ESR was able to accommodate the vessel in the Faithful Servant for drydock repairs prior to mooring the vessel pier-side for final completion. At the same time, Pierce County’s M/V Christine Anderson (also originally built at NBBB), arrived at ESR for regulatory drydocking, repair, maintenance and preservation. Modifications included the sea chest vent piping as well as the shaft seawater cooling system. ESR completed a new paint system with full blasting, paint coatings to the hull and superstructure, as well as application of a non-skid coating to the car deck.

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders is located in Freeland, WA on Whidbey Island, within the vast maritime community of the Puget Sound region. NBBB is a complete new-build shipyard and full-service repair facility. NBBB accommodates repair and conversion jobs ranging in size and complexity and can haul vessels up to 250′ x 75′ x 18′ and 2500 ST. NBBB’s repair team consists of dedicated project managers as well as skilled tradespeople specializing in steel and aluminum repair and conversion.

In recent months NBBB has had a constant flow of passenger vessels at the Freeland, WA shipyard, including Kitsap Transit’s M/V Solano, formerly owned and operated by San Francisco Bay Ferries WETA. The M/V Solano is undergoing an extensive overhaul of the machinery equipment, gearboxes, main engines, generators, and jet thrusters. Several pipe systems are being retrofitted with copper nickel aluminum. Outfitting includes an all-new custom console with state-of-the-art navigation electronics, latest interior finishes and seating throughout.  The vessel will be topped off with new paint to match the Kitsap Transit color scheme.

The M/V Catalina Flyer contracted with NBBB to undergo major upgrades, including a full superstructure restoration and major equipment upgrades within the hull. NBBB prepared the vessel for superstructure removal prior to the upgrades. Once the superstructure is removed NBBB will install new interior wall panels, update the electrical, install a new sound system, fire detection system, modern Dampa lighting and ceilings, upgrades to the console and electronics package, install new steering controls, and updated interior UES seating. The bars on both main and upper decks will be upgraded, as well as restrooms, along with new windows throughout, and upgrades to the HVAC. NBBB will fabricate new house mounts for the superstructure as it sets on the hull. The hull will require minor plating repairs. Inside the hull NBBB will perform a complete blast and paint system, replace original engines – removing the existing CAT engines and replace with new MTU 16V 4000 main engines. Gear boxes will be rebuilt, as well as the generators, a new dry exhaust system will be installed, and upgrades to the fire, bilge, freshwater and black water piping will also be completed. Shafting and steering components will also be renewed.

NBBB also completed major upgrades and repairs to the M/V Glacier Express, a sightseeing high-speed Catamaran Owned and Operated by Major Marine Tours of Seward, Alaska. While in the shipyard the superstructure was removed from the hulls prior to extensive repairs and upgrades to both the house and hulls. The vessel underwent a complete repower consisting of removal of the existing main engines and replacing them with new CAT engines. New ZF gears were installed and the main engine exhaust was rerouted from thru side to discharging thru bottom. Generators were also removed and replaced. New rudders were built and installed. The vessel also received a new hydraulic steering system, fire and bilge pumps, and piping as required. Additionally, the plate was also replaced. New structural fire protection, machinery space ventilation system, and renewal of the fire protection system was also completed. Simultaneously, the house received new  mounts and beam structure repairs. A complete new electronics package was installed along with  steering controls,  sound system,  fire detection system,  Dampa lighting system, and  Dampa ceiling. All windows were removed and replaced with new glued on double pane windows. NBBB built a new exterior canopy for the 2nd passenger deck. The entire vessel was blasted and coated with a new paint system. Lastly all required USCG inspections were completed for COI.

The M/V Melissa Ann, also a Major Marine Tour’s vessel, went through repair, maintenance and preservation at NBBB including new Dampa ceiling, Dampa lighting system, complete pressure wash and paint, hull and superstructure plating repairs, new life raft mount at stern of vessel, bow exterior railing, new 2nd deck canopy over passenger area, and renewal of some house mounts. Minor piping and electrical repairs were also done. All required USCG inspections were completed prior to redelivery to the customer.

NBBB is supporting Kitsap Transit with required repairs as part of their annual USCG inspection onboard the M/V Finest, along with some convenience upgrades. The vessel is also receiving a refresh of the antifoul paint while in shipyard at NBBB.

Shared Ice Services (SIS) is a sister-company to ESR and NBBB and was recently established to support the management and operation of the two shipyards. SIS employees are specialized within their profession and support the two shipyards simultaneously allowing NBBB and ESR to maximize the talent of executive management, project management, technical professionals and trade specialists. Our trio-sistership of companies have the facilities, equipment, talent and experience to support your project. Contact us today or visit us on the web for more information and


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